Julie Baker

Julie Baker of Fairport, NY, on January 3, 2020 passed away suddenly at age 58.

Predeceased by her husband Richard “Dick” Baker; survived by daughters Claire (John Dakin), Jill, and Paige; stepson Geoff; parents Joanne and Richard “Dick” Clas; brothers Dick (Marie), Dan, Jim (Pam), Dave (Julie), Terry (Kathy), Andrew; closest friend Terry Jeanne Clas (Vic Del Pozzo); and many nieces and nephews.

Julie was the heartbeat of the entire family. As one of seven, she was the only girl among her six brothers. They remained close throughout her life, meeting almost each weekend at Gigi and Pa’s (her parents) to watch the Buffalo Bills play and laugh together.

She was also extremely close with her three daughters, the four of them known as “The Baker Girls”. When her husband and the girl’s father, Dick Baker, passed away from cancer in 1999, she raised her daughters on her own, with the support of her family and friends. Claire, Jill and Paige have her to thank for the beautiful lives that they have.

She loved to sing and dance, especially when seeing live music around Rochester with her family and friends. She was the life of the party, always filled with love and laughter.
She spent time outside gardening in her beautiful yard during the summer, often with her dad and best friend Terry Jeanne. She was always willing to help, putting all of her creative talents to use for others.

Everyone that met Julie loved her and even that is an understatement. She was the most beautiful person we have ever known, and will forever be missed by her loving family and friends.

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